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In today’s mobile enterprise there are many challenges. Mobile applications continue to grow in popularity along with an increasing number of popular smartphones. All of these apps and devices need to have access to several backend databases, and all of this data needs to be synced and secured. Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms (MEAPs) are helping to solve the complex issues resulting from the burgeoning mobility space. Rhomobile’s Mobile Business Unified Services (RhoMBUS) is the First MEAP 2.0, bringing the convenience and power of the cloud to MEAP. Rhomobile provides the fastest and most affordable mobile enterprise solutions, including – cross-platform development, a hosted development framework, data and back office synchronization, and enterprise application provisioning and management.

Rhomobile a framework for Smartphone that makes it easier than ever to create powerful native apps for all smartphones. Adinath Web Solution’s provides a complete set of support and consultancy in Rhomobile’s different products for managing an enterprise’s mobile apps and data. Our specialized in product suite RhoMBUS consists of Rhodes, RhoConnect, RhoHub and RhoGallery. These components effectively create a new era in enterprise mobility.

the First MEAP 2.0 Offers Your Enterprise the Following:

is a free and open source MVC-based framework written in Ruby under the MIT license for building native cross-platform mobile development applications. HTML, HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript, instead of in Objective-C or other complex native device OS language, to create a native app, and porting the app in cross operating systems such as Android, Apple’s iPhone and iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian and HP/Palm's Linux-based WebOS.

is the fastest and most scalable sync server produced by Rhomobile that enables access and edit data irrespective of connectivity. RhoSync is useful for mobile apps dealing with data from a web app that requires a two-way sync with offline activity support. RhoSync 2.0 is optimized to automatic synchronization of backend enterprise app data to the mobile device.

is a Rhomobile service for mobile applications that integrates Rhodes platform and RhoSync, a standalone sync server for enterprise data. RhoHub is the first development-as-a-service offering that allows developers to deploy mobile application apps, builds, and sync servers to the cloud across multiple smartphone operating systems. RhoSync server provides faster access to synced local data and optimized native styling for all smartphones. It also offers easy access to offline and disconnected data for the users of applications. iPhone developers can leverage the RhoHub RhoSync server to test and deploy sync-enabled Rhodes applications.

is Rhomobile’s Enterprise App Store that offers enterprise mobile app management solution. RhoGallery provides easy access for employees to provision mobile apps on their smartphones and easily manage it with updates.


Rhodes developer

Rhomobile allows Rhodes developers to leverage their existing web skills using HTML to create powerful native Rhodes mobile apps that work across all major smartphones, Leveraging the latest technology, standards and best practices in Rhodes development, our proficient Rhodes developers are highly committed and proficient in Rhodes programming language to build mobile applications that have a native look and feel.

Rhodes framework allows developers to build mobile applications with HTML and Ruby rather than Objective C across cross-platform OS such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and Android. Our team of dedicated Rhodes developers can build and deploy mobile apps in multiple operating systems. Our skilled Rhodes mobile developers can develop native applications that access and create events in its native device calendar, with Bluetooth connectivity to their apps.

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