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Sell your products by Mobile Online Store

In last few years, Adinath Web Solutions has delivered professional internet and marketing solutions for mobile. Marketing solutions that covers our corporate goals and business mission objectives. If you are looking for enhancements in current mComm (mCommerce) layout or looking to create the portal from scratch, our mCommerce team can help you for better improvements in your mShop portal.

  • Mobile eCommerce Solutions
  • Mobile Shopping Portal
  • Mobile eShop
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile Payments

Add-on features

Adinath Web Solutions is one of India's leading eCommerce providers and has the know-how to create a successful revenue stream for your online business.

  • Slick User Interface
  • Search Engine Optmised Mobile Websites
  • Dynamic Phone links
  • Optimised for different devices
  • Google Maps Integration
  • 100% Customized Mobile UI design
  • Easy to navigate & Enhanced User Experience

Generate revenue from your mobile shopping portal

As continuosly growing mobile shopping will reach US$100+ billion by 2015, Mobile eCommerce will increase threefold in the next 3 years. eCommerce website design is expected to explode as web sites, particularly those with Mobile E-Commerce capabilities, Get new ways of connecting to your customers. Its one more door opened to capture the online eShop market where you can stand up with unique and great deals.

Future online business success

In todays technology era every person having variety of mobile devices. Somehow now adays mobile is the replacement of laptops. That person can carry anywhere. More and more customers are adopting mobile devices to make purchases. Over 1/3 of all customers without a web-enabled phone plan to buy one in the next year.

More cost effective

Many companies promote the use of Apps to drive your mobile ecommerce sales but this is no longer the most efficient way to market your business to smart phone customers. With the release of Android and the upcoming release of Windows 7 Mobile, creating an App has trebled in development time and complexity.

Get Hasslefree solutions for Mobile Shopping portal, get access your mobile shopping portal on web. Reach your target audience.

Mobile Analytics and Statistics

Adinath Web Solutions is providing solutions to monitor and track full analytics and web statistics of your Mobile Shopping Portal users. Get track reports of your Mobile Website viewers.

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