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Rich user interface and optimised iPad website

With an overwhelming response in the number of people accessing the web via mobile, ipad etc. Today with one of the ratio around 20% of all internet searches are now being done on tablet devices and iPads, with this number expecting to rise to 28% by 2013. Hence having a rich user interface and optimised iPad website for your brand is crucial when trying to reach your target audience.

Reach your target audience, that build brand awareness

We design an iPad website for your company that will reach your target audience, that build brand awareness, create interest in your business and in turn add value to your bottom line performance. We are confident that Corporate Image has all the experience and knowledge to best represent you brand within the mobile landscape and offer an effortless transition to the mobile channel.

Mobile platform for your customers

We are passionate to mobile website and iPad website design as we acknowledge the way users are now accessing information on web. We offer a high level of service to ensure requirements and deadlines are met by blending technical procedures with impressive creativity from our dedicated skilled resources and help you to provide a mobile platform for your customers.

Advanced iPad UI Design

As a core iPad website designing company our talented in-house iPad website designer are fully equipped with the latest technologies and will provide you with the most up to date techniques and infrastructure. We have extensive experience in the iPad website design industry and are confident we can provide your company with the best and effective rich user interface for iPad website design service. Optimized UI structure for iPad Website design with SEO friendly contents.